Steel Industries Inc. processed cement plants grinding balls

2016/9/4 11:55

Where - Baghdad]

General Company for Steel Industries has entered into one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals a contract to equip the Iraqi State Company for their production of cement grinding steel balls.

And the director of the media center at the ministry Abdul Wahid al-Shammari said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of which was that the company has under this contract processing The directors of South cement plants amount of 231 tons of grinding steel balls during the period-running 40 days, stressing that the cadres of the company have been made redouble efforts and managed to get the job done and processing required quantity before the specified period, pointing out that "the company holds an ISO certification and all of their products to international quality standards and high standards in quality and durability |".

He pointed to the "company is engaged in the manufacture of customized Bisharat giant pumps to supplement the South Refineries after it was imported from abroad and expensive prices."

In another context Shammari revealed that staff working in the company to rehabilitate the electric induction furnace with a capacity of 2,500 tonnes to one production lines in the closed roads laboratory efforts and self-experience and cost of suitable, "explaining that" the rehabilitation process included the manufacture of spare parts and the provision of operational programs and switch the parts affected, "stressing that "the oven is fully operational and entered the service runs."