Yemen calls for Iraq's urgent clarification about the presence of al-Huthi in Baghdad

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It demanded the Yemeni government, the Iraqi authorities to clarify the official position behind the reception Huthi delegation, which move in the media on the lips of Iraqi officials, if Baghdad recognizes and supports the so-called "Top of the Political Council," composed of both ends of the coup. An official source in the Council of Ministers "The ambiguity of the official Iraqi position towards the receiver Huthi delegation, and silence on media promotion of this delegation after his meetings with Iraqi officials in Baghdad about the Iraqi government's recognition of the political council of the coup, calls from the presidency and the Iraqi government released a prompt clarification about this." The source added that the Republic of Iraq and through its membership in the Arab League and the United Nations has supported the Arab and international consensus in favor of ending the coup and the return of Yemeni legitimate government, according to UN Security Council Resolution 2216 .. expressing confidence that the Republic of Iraq sister keen on Arab solidarity and we expect by announcing official position that it will not stand by the coup militias messing around and threaten the stability of Yemen and the Arab regional security. " The source explained that the putschists have refused peace through constant consultations Kuwait in their choice of killing the Yemeni people and the destruction of state institutions and cut Orezagh under false sectarian slogans and behaviors not seen in Yemen will not accept it. The new source, emphasizing the need for the issuance of a statement from the presidency and the Iraqi government, to put an end to mislead the media-based and confusion about the official position of the Houthis putschists, who visited Baghdad recently delegation's remarks and met with a number of Iraqi officials .. pointing out that Yemen's legitimate government is waiting and hoping a formal clarification from the the presidency or the Iraqi government would consider continuing to ignore this Iraqi stance no less painful and requires taking into account. "