Borse Dubai Gold and Commodities trading the highest in more than 10 years

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Trading volume on DGCX and commodities during the first eight months of this year, 13 million contract, an increase of 43% from the same period last year, recording the highest for this period trading for more than ten years the volume. According to a statement on the bourse website, the average daily trading volume during the year 75 516 contracts, worth more than 1.70 billion US dollars. The stock market also recorded a remarkable rise in the average open interest by 156,965 contracts, a growth of 167% from the same period last year. According to the statement, the exchange recorded in the August 29, 2016 the highest level of open interest whatsoever by 503,262 contracts valued at more than US $ 8 billion. According to the levels of open interest in the high confidence of market participants and increase their participation in the Borse Dubai Gold and Commodities, the largest stock market and most diverse in the field of derivatives trading in the region. The stock market reported that, during the month of August, the average Indian rupee traded on the Dubai Gold Exchange and the Commodity Futures 41.751 a contract worth more than 1.24 billion US dollars. Indian Rupee Options contracts also recorded the highest rate of interest is open at all by 5,353 contracts, an increase of 38% from last year. And it recorded the Indian rupee futures options contracts grew by 115% of the trading volume since the beginning of the year compared with the trading volumes for 2015. The average daily trading range of gold products in the Borse Dubai Gold and Commodities size to hold in August 2749, a growth of 15% from last year, while the average open interest rose by 153% during 2016. Founded DGCX and commodities in 2005 as the first exchange to exchange commodity derivatives in the region and the only one that allows traders to settle transactions within the Gulf region. Borse Dubai Gold and Commodities has played a leading role in the regional market for commodity derivatives develop "