Turkey opens a new battle front in northern Syria

New tanks pushed Turkey to the north of Syria, Saturday, to open with the opposition forces , supported by a new front of attack allowed the progress of those forces to the west, to grab more villages "Daesh."
A spokesman for the opposition and observers, said that Turkish tanks crossed the border and entered the Syrian town of sponsor to support the new offensive, which opposition forces seized control of the "Daesh."
Shepherd is located 55 kilometers west of Jarablos, which is part of a strip of land extends for a distance of 90 km near the Turkish border, which Ankara says it is clear them of "Daesh" and protected from the expansion of Kurdish militants.
An official said one of the Syrian armed opposition groups said opposition fighters took control thereafter at about 8 villages of "Daesh" to the east and south of the town of Shepherd.
And coincide Turkish incursion of Kells region which has been repeatedly missiles launched by "Daesh" inside Syria over the past year, with the attack by the Turkish - backed opposition forces in another location in the region, having wrested control of a number of villages from the hands of the organization in the East.
He said Hamza Brigades, a group fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army, it took control of the village of Arabs Azza near the Turkish border, a village where Turkish warplanes carried out air strikes Friday.
Source of Sham Corps also said that factions of the umbrella under the banner of the free army also took control of the villages of knights and Alleloh and Lucknow south of Arab pride.
Turkey hopes supporting the FSA, to expel "Daesh" on the one hand, and to stop the advance of Syrian Kurdish fighters , backed by the United States on the other.
Turkey differs with Washington on People's Protection Units Kurdish, which Ankara regards as a terrorist group, although they were among the most effective on the ground in the war against the US - led "Daesh" Washington 's partners.