Investment creativity and technology in the energy exhibition Iraqi

9/4/2016 0:00

Would attract foreign and domestic funds

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice
Assess the Oil Ministry in collaboration with the forum Iraqis inventors Iraqi energy inventions exhibition under the slogan «Investment creativity and technology in support of the national economy» next November end, to discuss ways to invest inventions , industrial designs and turn them into IT reality in all areas energy , along with attracting foreign and domestic investment, to achieve sustainable development in the country.

In this regard stressed the forum 's president , Professor Dr. Hazem al - Darraji »Sabah», « the development of an integrated program of work and specific timing of the establishment of the exhibition, in addition to naming all of the exhibition committee and initiate invitations to some international official bodies with jurisdiction to attend the show, during the second meeting of the members of the administrative body of the forum with members of the Preparatory Committee for the exhibition» .

Summed Darraji axes of the exhibition that will be displayed b »oil production (extraction, filtering and gas), renewable energy and energy activation, corrosion in the oil facilities, chemical materials used in the energy sector, equipment and instrumentation used in the energy sector».

As the chairman of the Forum the most prominent targets the exhibition of b »Investment inventions , industrial designs and turn them into reality technology in multiple areas of energy, and to provide for meetings between innovators and investors a platform to showcase the ideas and the exchange of science, thus opening prospects for cooperation between the two parties, along with the provision of the parachute and the opportunity for inventors and innovators on the one hand, industrialists and investors on the other hand , to turn innovations into products ».

Saw edict this kind of opposition will ensure that the international investment attraction, as well as foreign and domestic in the field of energy industry investment partnership, to promote the oil industry in the country, and thus meet the needs of the country from the oil industry, and achieving sustainable development.