Document the Ministry of Commerce granted the establishment of an oil company Dhi Qar certificate

Views 49 Date 03/09/2016 - 22:13

Economy News / special

Revealed a document issued by the Ministry of Commerce / Department on public companies (22 August 2016), for the establishment of a certificate granted to an oil company Dhi Qar public .

She explained that the document got the "Economy News", a copy of which, " The demand comes to build the Cabinet decision No. 2 for the year 2016, and a book of the Council of Ministers No. (u. G) (10/1/4/596) in (7/1 / 2016), and the oil Ministry made ​​a request to us to establish a public company ".

She added that " the company its name Dhi Qar Oil Company ( a public company), and a capital of three hundred billion dinars ".

He pointed out that, " Our company is registered pursuant to the provisions of Article (6) of the Companies Act No. 22 of 1997 as amended

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