Sadr calls people to the general strike on Sunday and Monday
18:31 pm (Baghdad time)
BAGHDAD - balances News
The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, the Iraqi people to the general strike, the official whirling in all ministries except the security on Sunday and Monday, with students collecting signatures Magdy Rady under the title of "corrupt government does not represent me."

Sadr said in a statement / balance News / copy of it, "after the end of the month deadline, it became necessary for us to activate the peaceful protests reform, there still have options that may be the Pope to end corruption."
Sadr called on to "strike all employees, except for the security services, for official work on Sunday and Monday Almassadwin 4 and 5 September and stay in front of their constituencies to stroll and emergency sensitive things only from outside the circle with the possible, and also excludes places exams, and thus proves that the reform demand within the government as popular demand from outside the government, "noting that the covered call" the Iraqi people in general and sympathizers with a private reform, notably the Sadrist movement and the struggling student's reform and the public. "
Sadr also called "strike loved ones citizens about food from Friday day on the ninth of September now and the end of Friday prayers and even on Sunday, a brief summary atheist th of the same month the morning, so inside mosques and Shiite mosques, churches and houses of worship and the like, as well as in cultural and social institutions," and urged to "work on collecting signatures Magdy Rady under the title (the corrupt in the government does not represent me), starting on 10 September and the end of the month."