Talabani's Party leadership reveals the Iranian and us continue to address differences in the party

Saturday 3 September 2016 15:13

Sumerian news/Sulaimaniya

Detect PUK leader Saadi Ahmed Pira, Saturday, the presence of Iranian and us continue with PUK leaders on recent internal frictions, with some Kurdish media "exaggerated" topic.

Beer said in a press conference in Arbil, about the current situation in Iraq and Kurdistan, as well as internal disputes that cropped up recently in the PUK, that "the Iranians and Americans are connecting with us on handling internal differences that have emerged recently," pointing out that "our friends are interested in that we fight together against Al ISIS.

"Beer, that" some Kurdish media amplified the theme of differences ", noting that" the majority of National Union leaders Marceau performed together at a wedding son Bachtiar filled leadership.

Brewery confirmed that "PUK nature consists of several groups of course show differences of views," pointing out that "the PUK leadership able to address those differences."

The Central Council said the PUK led by Jalal Talabani, on Saturday, he started to move to address "differences" that have recently emerged between the party leaders, contending that the party political power in Kurdistan and Iraq and has a significant impact on all the joints of the life in the territory.

The Deputy Secretary-General and members of the political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan announced, Thursday (1 September 2016), the formation of a "decision", Center of the PUK, with drew that turning in "monopoly" group of militant force her to force justice development program "marginal".