Danish company demonstrated its willingness to invest in electricity, housing and industrial sectors in Diwaniya

09/03/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 129 - Issue (3731)

Diwaniya / improve Zergany

Diwaniyah management announced, on Friday, the desire to invest electrical energy, housing and oil industry and security systems sectors of the Danish company, while the readiness of the Government of Diwaniyah shown to support investment companies and overcome the obstacles and to facilitate the procedures to move the wheel of development in the province.

The governor of Diwaniyah, Sami al-Hasnawi, in an interview with (long-Presse), "The Diwaniya discussed with a delegation from the company (SOLENERGl DANIMARK A / S), investment Danish, which is one of the leading specialized in energy, housing, oil and metal industries and systems sectors of global companies security and e-governance, investment opportunities in the province for the implementation of investment projects contribute to moving the wheel of development in the province. "

He Hasnawi, that "the company expressed interest in the implementation of investment projects to maintain," asserting that "the Government of Diwaniya is ready to provide the facilities and overcome the obstacles of the transaction to encourage the company to implement projects in important sectors that will move the province, which is one of the poorest provinces of Iraq's economy."

He Hasnawi, that "the only option in front of the Government of Diwaniyah, is to strengthen the ties of foreign investment companies, especially after the declaration of a state of austerity in the country, and not to allocate any funds for the development of the regions for the implementation of local projects or investment ministerial", pointing out that "there are a lot of investment opportunities in service, agricultural and industrial sectors across the province and is fully prepared to invest. "

The Diwaniyah management, has announced (25 July 2016), that a delegation of the Group of Companies (Ted Jacob) American expressed his desire to establish draft hospitals postpaid or investment system, and while confirming that the stability of the security situation and overcome the obstacles encouraged foreign companies to submit their offers, US group indicated its willingness to transfer the medical potential of the province.

The management of Diwaniyah, announced in (5 June 2016), the desire of Chinese companies in the implementation of investment projects in various sectors in the city of Diwaniyah, while confirming its commitment to facilitate the procedures and providing investment opportunities and environment appropriate to the work of these companies.

The investment Diwaniyah body, has announced that, (early June), kicks off projects and employment opportunities to maintain fair, (180 km south of Baghdad), while criticized specialize investment laws and its enemy, "a lie" exploited by parties to finance themselves, conservative management confirmed its support investors and facilitate their transactions procedures, and threatened to withdraw from work if the Kuwaiti company has not committed to the implementation of Diwaniyah commercial airport project.