Prosecutors demanded disclosure involved the smuggling of $ 6.5 billion

09/03/2016 (0:01 pm) The number of readings: 83

Baghdad / AFP

Student Prosecutors Iraqi Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari to disclose the identity of the person who was able to smuggle $ 6.5 billion and had indicated to him during Sahafah.oukal remarks Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar, a spokesman for the judiciary, said that "the public prosecutor formally request" from the Minister of Finance. " clarify his statements regarding the name of the person mentioned in one of the local media that he had "transferred 6.5 billion and a half billion dollars to" his personal account to take legal action against him.

"The Minister of Finance, who is facing a threat of no confidence after questioning in parliament in Mali corrupted files session, in a television channel that" only one person around six billion dollars and 455 million to his personal account in a bank outside the country. "But the Finance Committee Member of Parliament Haitham Jubouri has revealed the name saying he was "Hamad Yasser al-Moussawi, the owner of the bank (Huda)."

Moussaoui was a candidate for State of law coalition, led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, but lost in the Alantkhabat.oukal Jubouri's (AFP) that "Hamad al-Moussawi file discovered by us and has approached the money laundering Office in the Central Bank who wrote the report for the prosecution in March. "the MP" opened three files on suspicion of involvement of bank Rafidain and Rasheed in the case. "

The newspaper (range) has been published, in late 2015, a series of files that it intends Iraqi National Congress, the late leader Ahmed Chalabi published about financial corruption in the auction of foreign currency sale in the Iraqi Central Bank, the series focuses on the deal front companies not registered with the Ministry trade. He also mentioned the name Hamad al-Musawi in the documents.

These include documents assets of those companies and the amounts turned out of Iraq by the currency auction in the central bank reported the Ministry of Commerce on Health recorded Admh.onchert newspaper (range) photocopies of correspondences exchanged between the central bank and the Ministry of Finance.

The Foundation also sent a copy of the file to the judiciary and announced the elimination of the time received a copy of the file and start the investigation of the files, but the judiciary has not announced any procedure.

The public prosecutor did not act before receiving a copy of the judiciary Almelv.oicod MP Haitham al-Jubouri questioning of the Minister of Finance in the corrupted files campaign expenses relating to protect file and furnishing his home and rent a large amount of his secretary, which I think Zebari as a "political target".

But Zebari criticized for Jabouri about smuggling a large amount "These files are real people where this money gone? Who is responsible it." Finance Minister stressed that it "officially documented ... Why not taken any action and follow up the money they are equal to the budget of the state?".

In turn, the MP said of quitting, President and Defense Committee in parliament, security, for (AFP) that "Hamad al-Moussawi has files in large corruption where there is clear and cover it from some quarters in the past two parliaments and the present as well as in government. "