Allawi announces transfer to Accord Movement Party

Sat, 03 Sep 2016 12:25:51
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Mark National coalition leader Iyad Allawi on Saturday, for converting the movement of reconciliation to the party asserts: Victory against terrorism is not enough.

Allawi said by converting the movement of reconciliation to the Accord Party conference, "The victory over terrorism is not enough," he said, adding that "the priority in the direction we have lies in resisting terrorism and securing citizens and re-displaced people and achieving Alajtmaobeih justice and provide employment opportunities."

Allawi added that "there must be a victory social and political hurt the interests of the citizens and the people," pointing out that "The second priority is and fair elections in order to come cadres serve the people, as well as the need to be Iraq's depth in the Islamic Ocean and Arabian."

He called the leader of the National Coalition for postponement of provincial elections when he was expelled Daesh and restore nature of the provinces affected and that those elections be with the parliamentary elections.