Iraq on the eve of picking up fruit of patience by destroying terrorism

Baghdad, Sept 3 2016,

IRNA Chairman of Iraqi Supreme Islamic Council Ammar Hakim said on Saturday that Iraq is on the eve of picking up fruit of its patience by destroying terrorism.

Hakim made the remarks in a meeting with Iranian ambassador to Iraq Hassan Danaeifar.

The two sides reviewed the latest political and security developments in Iraq and the entire region, underlining the need for dialogue for the settlement of the domestic and regional crises.

He noted that the Mosul operation will be the last military operation in Iraq for destroying Daesh terrorist group which will wipe away the terror group in Iraq and Syria.

Hakim advised the Iraqi government to draw up a comprehensive political plan to administer the state affairs about security system, reconstruction of the cities and restoring peace and stability after Daesh terror group wiped out..

Ammar Hakim said that the Iraqi government is expected to do preparatory works for repatriation of the Iraqi refugees.