Integrity: thwart scheme to steal nearly six billion dinars from the government bank

Integrity revealed the board on Saturday, foiled scheme to steal nearly 6 billion dinars from the government bank, Mvsahh for implementation seizure resulted in the seizure of the accused was caught red - handed.
And it revealed the body was on the details of the adjustment carried out by the cadres of the Office of the achievement of the Authority in Salah al - Din province, pointing out that the cadres of the office were able to thwart the attempt to steal the sum of (5,775,000,000) , five billion and seven hundred and seventy - five million dinars from the Rasheed Bank - Chichen branch in Salahuddin province.
According to details of the operation to adjust one of the accused red - handed while trying to pass the instrument , " the former expense" in an attempt to fool bank staff; in order to steal money. And taken together with the accused criminal excreta, they included in disciple fundamentalist Minutes , which was edited by the cadres of the office, to the competent investigating judge, who ordered his detention pending investigation.
It is noteworthy that the board integrity had been disclosed, during the announcement of its annual report for 2015 in March of this year, for retrieval and stop wasting more than a trillion and a hundred and sixty - nine billion dinars.