Parliamentary Finance estimated budget with 23 trillion deficit and the likely arrival of the parliament after Eid

Finance Committee in the House of Representatives estimated, Saturday, deficit budget next year to 32 trillion dinars, while the government has suggested sending the budget bill to the parliament after Eid al - Adha holiday.

The committee member said Sarhan , Ahmad said in a statement, said that " the amount appropriated for the budget is 102 trillion dinars , provided that the price of a barrel of oil to $ 35 and a production capacity of 3 million barrels per day , " pointing out that " the budget deficit will reach 32 trillion dinars."

Sarhan He guessed that "is sending a budget bill to the House of Representatives after the Eid al - Adha holiday directly to give her opinion of the Committee and the possible additions and then vote on it in the House of Representatives."

A member of the Finance Committee, that " the government has taken into account the requirements of all of the major provinces and according priority to the economic feasibility of the projects , " explaining that " the appointments confined in the sectors of health, education, interior, defense, and according to