People crowd proclaiming the end of all preparations for the Liberation of Sharqat and Hawija

Authority announced the popular crowd, Saturday, for the termination of all preparations to fight the battles of liberation Cazaas Sharqat and Hawija, vowing to "Daesh" many surprises.
A body of opinion in the popular crowd member Karim al - Nuri said in a statement, " The preparations for the battle to liberate Sharqat Hawija and ended in full, and we are going to finalize plans to break into the two cities."
"The security forces and the popular crowd Christrran those cities as soon Mmaho expected due to popular discontent on Aldoaash , " referring to "the elements Daesh the execution of dozens of sons of Sharqat and Hawija , because of their cooperation with the security forces."
Al - Nouri pointed out that the "popular crowd forces received important intelligence on the whereabouts of criminals and barricaded Aldoaash in Sharqat and Hawija, which will facilitate the fight us very much."