Jubouri office issued a clarification about the biography of candidates for the position of the Ministry of Defence

Baghdad balances News
Issued the Information Office of the Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, Saturday, for clarification on the biographies of a number of candidates for the post of defense minister names. The office said in a statement received / balances News / copy it, that "what has been forwarded to the Prime Minister are biographies names asked to run for the post of defense minister by the President of the Council." He added that "those names came at the signatures collected by these figures deputies from within the components of the Iraqi coalition forces have shown interest in the assumption of this office." He continued, that "al-Jubouri, was keen to give equal opportunities to all who wish to run for the position of those who are eligible and efficiency for the advancement of the military establishment in the country." He noted the office, that "the choice of the best candidate is the prerogative of the Prime Minister is then presented to the House of Representatives to give him confidence." And between, "It is not the task of the President of the House of Representatives nomination, but it is limited to sending candidacy to the Prime Minister requests and will refer any name offers him later to run for the job in the same context and mechanism." According to the document issued by the alliance of the Iraqi forces, that the members of the coalition have given several names for the post of Minister of Aldvaa.anthy 29 / A 43