Parliamentary economic border Act will increase imports


The parliamentary Economic Committee stressed that border law would increase imports if applied strictly, control and accounting of spoilers, pointing to this Bill resolves several problems with the territory mainly to border management in coordination with provincial and territorial governments are not linked to the territory.

The Committee Member said Noora albegari, body shaping called "border ports authority in accordance with the border Act passed by Parliament to manage the ports", stating that "proceeds will have a big role ports to provide services and infrastructure". Albegari said that "this body will include representatives from each province or territory, as well as foreign and interior ministries.

Albegari added that many problems between the territory and the Federal Government was resolved through a law that requires delivery of imports to the Center, and the southern ports of most incoming and outgoing goods imports go into the pockets of corrupt, as enjoined law becomes subject to strict Federal Government guarantees.

Albegari stressed that law keep useless if there is no application of the law on the ground, there are accounting for spoilers because the majority of imports of these ports go into the pockets of corrupt, noting that if there are accounting for these ports were able to supplement the State large sums too.

The Economic Committee member stressed the importance of the role of the judiciary and the integrity and authority of Deputies oversee border crossings and Iraq about fourteen customs Center span between border ports and free zones. the House of representatives voted during the 16th meeting of the first legislative term of the third legislative year last Monday (29 August 2019), border ports Authority Bill.