8 damaged areas adjacent to blow gear eastern Baghdad and news of the martyrdom and wounding 25 civilians

Baghdad balances News
A source in the Baghdad Operations Command, on Friday, hit all eight regions east of the capital after the launch of rockets from the weapons store that exploded area Obeidi. The source told / balances News /, said that "the explosion, which occurred store gear in the Obeidi area followed by the launch of missiles and projectiles from the store fell on eight areas adjacent to the site bombing east of the capital Baghdad," noting that "those areas are luxury inspired by the Virgin and Arboretum and Fudhaliyah and Obeidi Amari and Albawih and laboratories. " He added, "The successive blasts have killed and injured more than 25 civilians and the burning of more than 25 wheel," he "damaged homes, shops and factories in the above areas." It is said that the Baghdad Operations explained that the weapons store in the area of ​​al-Obeidi, an explosion caused a random starting point for shells and missiles to other areas of the capital. As civil defense teams managed and treatment of projectiles from the control of the bombing "store" in the Obeidi area east of the capital Baghdad site. He had the morning exploded a warehouse of weapons and ammunition in the east of the capital Baghdad, al-Obeidi area without mentioning Almzbb.anthy 29 / D 24