Masum approves general amnesty law

2016-09-02 02:23:27 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Announced that the Legal Committee member of the Parliamentary Zainab Sahlani, Thursday, the president Fuad Masum authentication on a general amnesty to all its articles and paragraphs of the law.

Sahlani said in a press statement that "the House of Representatives sent, during the last two days of the amnesty law to the presidency of the republic to see the paragraphs, materials and approved for publication in the Official Gazette."

She added that the "infallible approved by the President, today, the general amnesty law in all its articles will be published in the Official Gazette within the next two days."

And the voice of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, in the twenty - fifth of last August, a general amnesty to all paragraphs of the law with an amendment eighth and fourth paragraphs of contention which allows the defendant a retrial without providing evidence and documents proving his accusations.