Parliamentary Legal reveal three drafts of the law of oil and gas Thursday 1 September 2016

BAGHDAD / .. the parliamentary legal committee revealed, on Thursday, the presence of three drafts submitted to the parliament for the oil and gas law , "indicating that the House did not know of any draft depends Is there a new draft will be presented to him.
The committee member said Mohsen al-Sadoun's "Eye of Iraq News," "The oil and gas from the important laws the law and which are in the country's service and especially resolved technical problems between Baghdad and Erbil," explaining that "there motionless in parliament in order to pass the law soon, but there are three drafts oil and gas law for two provided by the government is contagious and one by the House of Representatives do not know which version will be adopted. "
He predicted al-Sadoun said, "is passed oil and gas law during the current parliamentary session, despite the political and artistic differences on the law," adding that "the House of Representatives awaiting final draft of the law to be discussed by the relevant committees."
The draft oil and gas law, as well as other laws are still not approved by the House of Representatives because of disagreements Bhonha.anthy 5 3Dnews%26id22%3D63106&edit-text=