Integrity: to thwart the theft of more than 44 billion dinars from the Rafidain Bank
[Where - Baghdad]
disclosed the board of integrity for the failure of three attempts to steal more than 44 billion dinars from the branches of the state 's Rafidain Bank by passing instruments unsecured balance, indicating that a number of customers the bank they make the agreement and sign up with other defendants divisive cases to theft of public funds.
According to the investigations department in the board of integrity in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it to the competent integrity issues Criminal Court issued three different sentencing of former Rafidain Bank customers, based on the provisions of Article 444/11 of the Iraqi Penal Code, noting issued provisions imposed on those convicted in absentia [O.a.a] and [H.s.b] and [A.a.h]. "
he added that" the details of the issues referring to the feet of the convicted [O.a.a] to pass the two instruments, it was the amount of the first instrument 18 billion dinars, and the instrument second at $ 18 billion and 50 million dinars to the other defendants divisive cases, where they were addressed to two attempts Tmrerhma through contacts made ​​between the Rafidain Bank - branch and one of the private banks president distant discovery of non - coverage of a convicted balance at the state Bank for amounts instruments, after referral of the priorities of the two cases to the court by the competent judge to investigate integrity issues , the court issued different judgments against the convicted fugitive O.a.a serving each and every one of them a prison sentence, and the issuance of booking movable and immovable order.
the statement said that " the details of the case other refers to the feet of convicted [H.s.b] and [A.a.h] former Zbonin in the Rafidain Bank - brotherhood branch to edit instruments unsecured credit to the defendants divisive cases, trying to pass through one of the private banks through the electronic clearing procedures , where the total amount of those instruments amounted to eight billion dinars have been addressed to the attempts to pass through the contacts between the state Bank Ahli Bank who tried convicted pass instruments through it . "
He noted that" data available to the court access to the statements of the legal representatives of the Rafidain Bank and after the recommendations of the Office of the Inspector General on issues; the court issued a default judgment against the convicted [H.s.b] and [A.a.b] spends rhythm jail on each and every one of them, based on the requirements of Article wisdom, giving the right hand of the affected request for compensation with support custody on their money movable and immovable property. "