Washington attributes the reasons for the reluctance of its "sober" for entering Iraq to "bureaucracy and corruption

2016/09/01 14:58

Long-Presse / Basra

New US consul in Basra Wen Dayton province, on Thursday, his country's commitment to supporting Iraq's "face of the financial crisis," and while attributing the reasons for the entry of American companies "sober" for Iraq to "corruption and bureaucracy", as revealed the desire of American companies to invest in various sectors in Basra.

Said Consul Wen Dayton during a press conference at the consulate building in Basra province and attended (range Press), "The USA provides support for Iraq, especially in regards to the economic challenges of lower oil prices, and in terms of security to confront the organization (Daesh) in addition to providing aid for needy Iraqis, "noting that, his country" provides financial support to support Iraq's budget through the IMF loan is available worth $ 5.4 billion, and by the World Bank for the development of a $ 1.2 billion in the event of Iraq's need for this loan. "

Dayton added, that "there are US companies would like to invest in Basra in various economic, trade and agricultural specialties," attributing the reasons for the reluctance of American sober for work in Iraq to "the problems of security, corruption and bureaucratic companies."

The US Consul, "his quest with the local government in Basra to create a favorable investment climate to bring these companies to the province."

The province of Basra Council called, in the (11 August 2016), the United States and the rest of the world, to support the provinces of southern Iraq, a material similar to the northern and western counterparts, and as he emphasized US Consul General that his country seeks to secure the success of Iraq, he noted that Basra contributing role pivotal in that.