Abadi visits the Interior, meeting with leaders and managers and advisors

2016-09-10 at 16:44

Baghdad the balance of news

The Prime Minister visited Haidar Abadi, Thursday, the Interior Ministry in Baghdad, held a meeting with leaders and managers and advisers in the Ministry.

According to a statement by the Prime Minister's Office received/balance news/copy, that "Prime Minister Haider Abadi, visited the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior for workflow", noting that "Abadi, held a meeting with leaders and managers and advisers in the Ministry and heard a detailed explanation of the work of the Ministry."

Abadi said that "the sacrifices made by the Ministry of the Interior and Championships and champions of other profiles in our fight against terrorism replaces pride and appreciation for us," he said, adding that "the next stage for the Ministry's functions by holding the floor and maintain citizen security and deter crime organization in addition to border security, energy security and intelligence effort."

Abbadi noted, it said, "the need to deter conflicts that affect the citizen and armed tribal conflict", but that "fighting against corrupt and greater efforts and develop methods of combating corruption are also necessary."

On the other hand, the importance of alleviating the suffering of the citizens when you review it for the Ministry of citizenship and immigration, public transit and other, "stressing the need to preserve human rights and should not override the right of others to be tough and resolute with criminals."

"Not to politicize security device which we consider unacceptable and dimensions of the political security forces work tugging.