Jabouri calls for further development plans and address unemployment and refine media extender

Light news/Baghdad

Chairman of Islamic States ' parliaments Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim Al-Juburi, Thursday, democratic solidarity Summit held in the Turkish capital Ankara, calling for further development plans and endeavouring, upbringing and education plans out of date and lies and heresies about sectarianism patient, addressing youth unemployment and unable to work, and fine tune the media and prevent it from promoting divisive prejudices of a nation.

In his speech, Al-jibouri said a statement received "light news", "honour on behalf of the Presidency of the Union of Muslim parliaments and Parliament Iraqi people greet you and applaud through friendly Nations, and wish this meeting which is held in the sister Republic of Turkey and success in achieving its objectives and achieve the aspirations of our peoples."

"I salute the Turkish Republic, led the people and Parliament and, for their hospitality and wonderful reception, that rather than only demonstrate Turkey's keenness on the unity of the social, economic and political path for our Islamic, and all of us here, to go to the Turkish people and his command congratulations on Wade trying to pounce on Turkish democracy carried turnoff who spend embedded and headline their beds, they thought that their coup plotters put on dust control by the will of the Turkish people are blown to the ground to withstand that try draggin' defense Unparalleled Turkish democratic option and its giant State regionally and internationally. "

He said that "the Muslim peoples that stood tribute and tribute to dash the Turkish people in front of the brave colleagues in the Turkish Parliament who stood as one and one will and genuine one coherent option under heavy bombardment did not dampen the motivation did not receive from their spells to defend the will of the Turkish people and the national independent choice, attaches great hopes to be Turkish lesson lesson for trying to circumvent the democratic change formats by brute force, the behavior involves serious faces of the faces of terrorism."

He added that "terrorism is not armed groups wreaking death and destruction and death and taking over towns and plunder the wealth and merging moulder and underestimate the sanctity of blood and money supply, but Additionally, political style tries to confiscate the will of peoples and sovereignty over their homelands and put them in the hands of abusers to peace and security in the region and the world."

And the speaker of the House, that "If the terror, at different addresses, and he ate (2001) on the growth and of peace and development of some Islamic countries, including Iraq and causing many humanitarian disasters and genocide committed Wendy her forehead free humanitarian Sharif, it is no longer an element local or regional threat but threatening element being after his crimes alkaraa, seas and oceans became hits anywhere when the opportunity to implement the wild ends."

He said "it puts us in front of our historic responsibility in any armed group outside and on the will of a people of our peoples and take blood and committed massacres and wreak havoc and mischief and killed and devastating terrorist group due to fight in every corner of the ground state immune from terrorism fins John."

The President of the Islamic countries ' parliaments to proceed with development plans and endeavouring, upbringing and education plans out of date and lies and heresies about sectarianism patient, addressing youth unemployment and unable to work, and fine tune the media and prevent it from promoting divisive prejudices to the nation of the most effective means to fight terrorism and restrain him.

"The Islamic nation blessed Almighty blessed the Lord of human and natural wealth and human message some able to put a complete holistic programme had a stranglehold on the armed groups that exploit economic phenomenon here or there is a social phenomenon to lure young people into its traps and its allegations, it invites us to adopt a global programme in politics and Economics and development, development, education and the media are calling for all countries to bridge every chasm through which terrorism is implemented into the social structure of our nation."

He said "the corruption that is eating away some of our hits and their structure is another face of terrorism and a tool of tools due enucleation".

He stated that "the Iraq war has gone back to free its cities from the clutches of terrorism that hampered his career centre, suffers from severe humanitarian crisis is the millions of people displaced from their homes and their towns and who live in camps lacking basic conditions for free and dignified life, suffer from climate variability in harsh conditions, and have lost years of education, inviting us all to the camaraderie and relieve their misfortunes that innumerable, if even God Almighty for them to return to their homes and their towns that war is impossible to trace After an eye ".

The speaker noted that "Iraq was proceeding to complete state constitutional institutions despite all impediments responsible domestic and international, that democratic choice is irreversible," alluding to the oil price crisis "that has prevented him from implementing some of its programmes for the Division, which suffer from oil-producing countries, which invites us as representatives of the peoples of the Islamic nation to urge Governments to address this crisis not undercounted the right producer and consumer States, exhausting not to worsen the crisis continued to cause problems In reproduction, which makes us to reproduce crises crises. "

"And I don't think that finding realistic solutions to the crisis if difficult or logical and rational dialogue climates it draws from a certain humanitarian reasons for partnership.

Jabouri said that "God Almighty who created us to know each peoples and tribes through the good and the right to command us to do what we can to bridge the cultural gap between us and the other peoples of the Earth and this won't happen if I don't resolve to transfer the dialogue of civilizations from the circle of goodwill to act, without this dialogue in civilized and in its goals, remove differences, melt stalking and obsessing, and put us all on tracks we're brothers either faith or uniformity or counterparts in creation, and facilitate the process of catching up With the first world, and that the terms of conditions of human interaction and the inevitable necessity. "

Jabouri close by stating "Let me sisters and brothers to reiterate our wishes for success, and to reiterate my gratitude to the Turkish people and Parliament and its leadership to the gracious of him surrounded him and they're including us generosity and hospitality and reception".