Interior discussed the development of intelligence and the Institute of Management and Criminal Justice Security Quality

2016/9/1 8:49

[Where - Baghdad]

It discussed the Ministry of Interior, the development of the Institute of intelligence, quality and security management, and criminal justice.

According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "agent of administrative and financial Interior Ministry Aqeel al-Khazali, chaired a meeting of the ministry leaders from specialists, to discuss the deal with the challenges facing the ministry in the light of the austerity budget for 2017 and how to invest the support provided by the donor countries and employing external support for the benefit of formations ministry. "

"The meeting reviewed the ways and mechanisms to to get the ministry on international aid, and discussed the duties and functions of the Committee for International Cooperation in the Ministry for this purpose and organization of work in the light of the new Ministry of Interior Act, which included the article [9 / g] him to develop Arab and International Cooperation Department at the Ministry which it is linked directly to the minister. "

The statement noted that "the meeting also discussed the priorities of the work of the department and the Commission earlier in the present time within the security conditions of the country and according to needs of the ministry, including the organizational structure and methods of democratic security management and education and training curricula for the training institutions and the development of intelligence Institute and the administration of criminal justice security quality."