Environment: a mechanism to convert solid waste into electrical energy

2016/9/1 8:38

[Where - Baghdad]

Discussed the Ministry of Health and Environment to prepare treatment and recycling of solid waste project and turn the mechanism into electrical energy and environmental measures in the capital, Baghdad, to enhance safety and environmental awareness in order to preserve human health and the environment.

According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "the Minister of Health and Environment Adila Hammoud chaired the meeting of the Council to protect and improve the second environment for the year 2016 and stressed the need to prepare the treatment and recycling of solid waste project and turn it into electrical energy and the importance of cooperation with the subsidiary of the Municipality of Baghdad technical teams in order to maintain the environmental and health and service, located in the capital, Baghdad.

For its part, the anniversary of Baghdad, said Amina Alloush through their participation in the meeting held at the headquarters of the Municipality of Baghdad, said he "discussed the environmental and service procedures in raising the solid waste and the method of burying and follow the latest scientific methods and correct followed in developed countries."

The general manager of Outreach and Information Department at the Ministry of Health and Environment that "he has been through the protection board meeting and improving second Environment age in 2016 to discuss ways and procedures for the rehabilitation of schools from environmental and health point of view and form working groups and field visits in coordination with the concerned authorities."

He added that "the phenomenon of indiscriminate slaughter in residential neighborhoods, and the phenomenon of washing cars on the streets and highways have been discussed at the board meeting because of its great importance and direct impact on public health and the environment, stressing that the spread of these phenomena belong to weak environmental awareness among some segments of society, demanding authorities Aoualemassat governmental and non-governmental organizations supporting environmental awareness and Information Department in the activation and deployment of environmental awareness and culture. "

The statement noted that "the Ministry of Health and the Environment seek to apply their own laws strictly and not to relent in its application and because of that the issue of the environment for the health of citizens as well as the positive results achieved by the ministry through the application of the law to raise a lot of the abuses taking place by the citizens and government institutions and non-governmental environmental and full commitment to implement laws on municipal water and health circles as the most effective way to raise the excesses in all its forms. "