Iraqi Assembly deplores the loss of the rights of journalists and calls for Parliament to discuss the eviction from their institutions

Network Iraqi position
Iraqi Assembly condemned to defend the rights of journalists, on Thursday, the news media did not name the separation of a large number of journalists because of the financial crisis, while warning of the loss of the journalists who have served in the worst security conditions rights, the Parliament called for a discussion of this "grave situation" that reflected negatively on living conditions for journalists.
The head of the Assembly of Abraham Sarraji in a statement, said that "a large number of journalists have been dismissed from media institutions due to the financial crisis and reduce expenses," pointing out that "the media and other institutions to delay the salaries and wages of journalists without justification." He Sarraji, that "this is a flagrant violation of the law of the rights of journalists and the loss of the rights of journalists who have served those media institutions in the worst security conditions," calling on Parliament to "discuss this grave situation, which reflected negatively on Almashah conditions for journalists." He Sarraji, that "the majority of those media institutions funded by the participating parties in the political process." The Iraqi Association for Defending the rights of journalists earlier announced that more than a thousand Iraqi journalist threatened to "expulsion", attributed the reason to the exposure of the newspapers "independent" financial crisis caused by the economic situation in Iraq, while the government appealed for all kinds of unconditional support for those newspapers including no "flawed" independence.