Economic expert talking about the effects of state employees loans

Network Iraqi position
Expert announced in economic affairs, peace-law that the issue of the launch of loans to state employees is a good step, saying it would send an extra purchasing power in the Iraqi market.
Sumaisem said in a press statement on Thursday that "the granting of loans represents broadcast additional purchasing power to the Iraqi market and an attempt to break the stalemate suffered by the aggregate demand due to lower overhead because of the austerity policy of the state, which is reflected directly on the recipients of wages and government salaries." Sumaisem She noted that "the granting of loans is to re-breathe life as important as the auto trade economic sectors because it is the most desirable by low-income and the intended government officials to determine" she said, adding that most of the recipients of the loans will turn into small projects that support the private sector as buying a taxi or opening shops for goods and merchandise ". The Rafidain Bank announced the launch of the electronic application form to apply for the predecessor state officials of the ministries of him. He said the bank that advance the state recently launched amounting to 10 million dinars to be paid in the form of monthly premiums for five years officials.