Inspectorate of the Interior: the arrest of corrupt officer in Salahuddin and Diyala pursuer

Baghdad balances News
It announced that the Inspector General's office in the Interior Ministry, on Thursday, the arrest of an officer first lieutenant venal in Salahuddin province, and pursuer is fundamentalist in Diyala province in flagrante delicto. The office said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "detachment from the Office of the Inspector General in Salahuddin province, headed by director of the office was able to arrest the officer first lieutenant attributed to the seventh emergency regiment, to his taking a bribe of $ (2.66 million) from a associate to meet with his lack of official hours. " The statement added, that "it was deposited in the arrest prescriptive discipline of the provincial police to implement the judge's decision Tuz Court in accordance with Article (307) Q.a, to investigate him in the case, pending the submission to the competent courts."
He continued, "The other detachment office in Diyala province to arrest and possession of a commentators cars transactions (Tsagit) does not come back to him." And between that "Detachment investigated him and admitted that the transaction is not him, but to other people and that he is commenting on their behalf in coordination with affiliates within the passports Diyala circle," However, he noted that "were written testimony Commentator and ratification with the investigating judge who ordered his detention pending issue for interrogation revealed Mlabestha and those involved with him. " He pointed out that "the accused were referred to the Mafraq police station until presented to the courts Almokhtsh.anthy 29 / A 43