Baaja: next Tuesday will see the withdrawal of confidence from Zebari

Baghdad balances News
MP for the Reform Front Mansour Baaja, on Thursday, the House of Representatives voted against the conviction with answers and Minister of Finance and Tuesday's session will see the withdrawal of confidence about him. He called Baaja in a press release received / balances News / a copy of the board chairman of the parliament, said that "voting shall be confidential to withdraw confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari to ensure the vote of all deputies and complete freedom during the vote on the minister." Baaja, he said that "the minister bloc exert pressure on Kurdish deputies and others who live in Arbil, for reasons of security to ensure that their votes to withdraw confidence from the finance minister," saying it "rejected by everyone shut up." He added that Baaja "Thus the actions to put pressure on members of parliament is a disgraceful thing against the legislative power in the country and that the Democratic Party is well aware that Tuesday's session will overthrow the Minister of Finance, so they are going crazy for Aatqublon ordered the withdrawal of confidence." Among Baaja that "the withdrawal of confidence from Hoshyar Zebari did not come haphazardly, but it would be the lack of conviction of members of the House of Representatives Bojobth during his interrogation and this is the case of the democratic political process and the Brotherhood of the Kurdistan Democratic Party must understand that very well, and stay away from political intimidation because they are irrelevant to one." The House of Representatives had earlier this week voted to dissatisfaction with an answer financial and laser Hoshyar Zebari questions questioner MP Haitham al-Jubouri, which was presented a request signed by 100 members of Parliament are demanding display withdraw confidence from Wazzar.anthy 29 / P 40