Fluctuation in the price of gold after a big drop yesterday

Follow-up - the balance of News
Gold prices have fluctuated during trading on Thursday after it suffered a significant decline during yesterday's trading to its lowest level in two months, in light of the high levels of the dollar and growing expectations for higher interest rates this year.
Gold prices are currently trading at $ 1308.3 per ounce, the lowest level after the record at $ 1306.7 per ounce and today's session was opened at $ 1308.1 per ounce, its highest level at $ 1308.9 per ounce. And he had recorded the lowest level in two months yesterday at $ 1303.8 per ounce. The negative pressure continuously on gold prices in the light of the continuing expectations that the Federal Reserve Bank in a way to raise interest rates at its next meeting in September / September, which harm the interests of gold due to the fact that gold investment does not offer a return, such as investing in government bonds or deposit in banks . On the other hand, the dollar continues to rise, trading at its highest level in three weeks against the private major currencies, with the continuation of economic data issued by the United States improved, with improved private-sector jobs data for more than optimism in the markets over the government's jobs report released on Friday. As for the dollar index, which tracks the dollar's performance against a basket of major currencies Vidol currently at the level of 95.97 after it opened today's session at the level of 95.98, while the lowest level has been recorded at 95.94 after recording the highest at 96.00 comes after rising yesterday to its highest level in three weeks when 96.23.anthy 29 / p 18