The Times: Daesh penetrative internally and al-Baghdadi, the next target after Aladnana

The Times newspaper wrote at length about the repercussions of the killing , spokesman for "Daesh" Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, and headlined "Daesh vows to avenge the killing of the official propaganda," as pointed out that Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi would be the next target.
The paper is based on the calls made ​​over the Internet from regulation to supporters the need to avenge the death of Aladnana, demanding the implementation of operations against Westerners , even individually.
Quoted Katherine Philip writer article , which came in a two - page full years , that " the sympathizers of the organization and its supporters have used Twitter to call for revenge," referring to an article posted on the news, which spreads propaganda materials for the organization, which said that the killing of Aladnana albeit a loss for the organization, it will not affect it.
The newspaper predicted that the recent operations are carried out by the organization in Paris and Brussels, contributed to the impenetrable by Western security services to the point of no longer able to protect the leaders.
And based on Philip in this opinion to the comments of one of the Iraqi government adviser Hisham al - Hashimi, who stated that "Aladnana killed in a US raid a clear indication that the organization broke from the inside, and that al - Baghdadi would be the next target, it is position Khalifa it is the same organization , " according to al - Hashimi 's comments .
The article focused on the obituary writer also analyzed the letter, published by the organization on the Internet, as it describes as a precedent, as described Aladnana organization that descended from a strain of the Prophet Muhammad, and that one of the sons of his tribe and every home.
And up the writer in her article that stated in the eulogy reinforces the notion that Aladnana is a leader who will succeed al - Baghdadi , in succession, if he survived.