Lebanese newspaper headlines on Thursday:

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Of Lebanon 's leading newspaper headlines on Thursday : 09/01/2016
Berri waving the street: Stop Aldla!
An electoral understanding between "hope" and "current" .. and Siniora: "Play Alqsqs awaiting Flyer"

Berri connects the presidential election , "including beyond . "
"Oil cartel" disrupts the solution timer waste?

Berri: We will face disruption strongly people
«Berri put the basket before Almithaqi President disrupt the presidency ... and each has his street» .. FPM: hello dialogue!
the future
Barre faces the coup constitution and strength of the people ..
Berri waving people to stop the coup against the Constitution and the disabled institutions
Waste Metn threaten Rabieh Tashnaq file .. The US envoy in Beirut
Moscow and Washington hopes to announce ... near the reach of understanding about Syria within hours
Berri lowers and raises the level of optimism generally Aldla and bet on the outside sound
Security challenges dating from the Bekaa gate ... and follow American Lebanese situation
the East
Berri warns of state failure and political and financial bankruptcy