Iranian newspaper headlines on Thursday:

Iran 's most prominent headlines of the day Thursday, 01/09/2016.
Leader of the Revolution confirms the right of Iran to strengthen the defensive and offensive capabilities
President Rouhani: Alamadhon martyrs and their teachers leave the community
Yemeni forces stormed the site «Asar» Saudi and flagged it .. raids and fierce aggression
Iran: Do not we organize our relations with Latin America based on hostility to Washington
Kayhan Arab
Leader: we must strengthen our military to terrorize the enemies and make them feel threatened by our side
President of the Republic: the stream of hypocrisy was not able to damage the system and the revolution
Islamic Shoura Council: Procedures Manama is wise would spark a revolution and crystallized sweeping uprising against its existence
Yemen 's response was harsh for Saudi forces to inflict heavy losses in the kit and gear
Iranian exports to Europe have multiplied 3.5 times
Takht Ruanga announce a planned visit to New York Zarif
The establishment of a joint Iranian - Danish Chamber
South Korean IT giant is cooperating with Iran in this area
Turkey calls for US ambassador
Gach Ernst: S - 300 carrying a defensive character
Germany reassure Israel about has nothing to do with Iran without recognizing the existence of the Zionist entity
Abdulmalik al - Huthi: No one can force us to anti - Iran
Leader of the Revolution: it must increase the offensive capability of the country
Frankfurt airport evacuated after threats in explosions
UN warns of the possibility of war between Lebanon and the Zionist entity
A delegation from Ansar Allah goes to visit Ayatollah Sistani
Jomhuri - ye Eslami
Moscow and Damascus warn of a plot to accuse Syria using chemical weapons
Bahram Ghasemi: Turkey must end its military actions in Syria immediately
Zarif to visit New York soon , but a spiritual visit taught her
Indian company repaid $ 510 million of its debt to Iran oil
Merkel slashed relationship with Iran , recognizing the Zionist entity
The Washington Post: Russia wants to publish a document to prevent Clinton 's election victory
Ban Ki - moon: the world 's concern for the Muslims of Rohingya
Zarif: will be the signing of the friendship treaty with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Leader of the Revolution must increase our defense capability to feel the enemy threat
Hadi Ameri: No one can prevent the popular crowd in the liberation of Mosul operations
Sheikh Issa Qassem object to prevent the establishment of Friday prayers in Bahrain
The daughter of Sheikh Zakzaky: the case of my father 's health is very critical
Homeland Emrouz
Spy arrest holds dual Iranian and US
Jubeir accuses Iran of publication of chaos in the region
A special session of the Committee of Iran 's Supreme National Security Council on the grave FATF agreement
Iran expresses its concern at the continuing military operations in Syrian territory
Source: Iranian newspapers