Economic Affairs approved the recommendations on the gold trade barriers

Views 72 Date 08/31/2016 - 21:41

Economy News / Baghdad ...

Committee decided to government economic affairs, on Wednesday, to approve the recommendations on the gold trade barriers, as discussed several topics including the subject of wheat crop planted outside the agricultural plan and the affected ones with floodwaters.

Said a statement received "Economy News" that "the economic affairs committee held its eleventh meeting chaired by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari and the presence of oil ministers, Planning and Chairman of the National Authority for Investment and agents Minister of Industry and Trade Advisor to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Director General of the Legal Department of the Office of the Prime Minister."

"The committee discussed a number of issues of character Economic Bmaysahm to overcome the problems and obstacles facing the economic process which has taken several decisions included the approval of the recommendations regarding impediments to the gold trade, which lead to the recovery of gold jewelry trade with activating the role of the control device Altqays and quality control."

"It has also been the subject of debate wheat crop planted outside the agricultural plan and the affected ones with floodwaters and the subject of fodder barley, as well as Iraqi Arab liquidation of the company for the development of animal and granted many exceptions for companies and the Ministry of Commerce of wealth."

The statement said, "The Committee also discussed Showing Wahlstrom French company for the implementation of Basra, where Metro project has taken a decision on it his offer as an investment opportunity in coordination with the National Investment Commission of what this project of importance to the province of Basra."

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