The killing of Abu Mohammad al-Adnani , spokesman for the Islamic State
21:16:27 | (Voice of Iraq) - Aleppo

The depths of the agency of the organization of the Islamic State said late Tuesday, said her spokesman in Aleppo (northern Syria) killed.

Aladnana is one of the most prominent leaders of the state organization, he has served as the "Prince of al - Sham" in the organization, and it was an obscure element in al - Qaeda, and then go to the front of the victory, to end up in the organization leading and trusted leader , Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi.

Did not know the real name "Abu Mohammed Aladnana", as has several aliases, including Taha Sobhi cultivation, and Taha Alpinche, and Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, and Abu Mohammad al-Adnani Shami, and Yasser otherwise Hussein Nazzal al- Rawi, Jabber Taha Falah, Abu Bakr al- Khattab, Abu Sadeq the narrator.

According to people close to the organization that his real name most likely to Dad Mohammad Subhi Taha Aladnana is farming, and that he was born in Syria in 1977, in the town of Punch , near the city of Saraqeb in Idlib province.

State regulation has been launched on Aladnana title of "Catapult", being the main source for the dissemination of official communications, including the announcement of the establishment of the Islamic caliphate, also released audio recordings and data are written, dealing with regulation operations in Iraq and Syria, and best known for his threats and his statements , which affected many countries of the world, The most important of which , "We want Paris before Rome, and we want to Kabul, Karachi, Riyadh, Oman, Abu Dhabi and others."