The return of five thousand displaced families to wetlands

2016/08/31 18:02

Long-Presse / Anbar

Wetland management announced on Wednesday the return of five thousand displaced families constitute about 63 percent of the district's population, western Anbar (170 km west of Baghdad), to their regions after cleared (Daesh), and re-task services to them.

Said Mayor wet, Imad Meshaal al-Dulaimi, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "more than five thousand displaced families from the humid, account for about 63 percent of the people of the judiciary, (410 km west of Ramadi), he returned to the liberated areas of Daesh gangs terrorist two and a half years ago almost. "

He said al-Dulaimi, that "the families of the humid spend that eight thousand approximately edition, continuing to return to their regions after the rehabilitation of important services, such as electricity, potable water purification, and run private generators, and the opening of the main roads," adding that "security forces are working on the audit gripping families returning within a database of wanted involved with the organization of the terrorist Daesh to arrest all of the associated or forearm and eliminating sleeper cells. "

The security forces managed to free the majority of the cities of al-Anbar, and the main regions, the most important center of the province, Ramadi and Fallujah, the largest Oqditha, as well as the wet court and the Heat of the organization (Daesh) terrorist.