The investment Commission awarded 5 000 acres housing Basra

2016/8/31 18:21

{Basra: Euphrates news}

Basra Governor Majid Nasraoui on national investment Commission approval to grant maintenance 5 thousand acres for residential area, it came on the sidelines of the meeting with the Chairman during his last visit to Baghdad.

Said Nasraoui who visited a number of ministries in Baghdad at the head of a delegation from Basra in the statement, a copy of {Euphrates news} "also met with the Minister for construction and housing and municipalities that assured him to push forward the draft Zubair streams to another company after out company implemented."

"The other ones got approval to grant land for academics and graduate diplomas in Basra and converted on this slide."

And about his meeting with the Minister of Justice, he ended up agreeing to the opening of its distinct branch of real estate registration in the city to ensure a local government in turn create branch with all its requirements, indicating the Minister's claim to facilitate the ratification documents, noting that the Ministry is working on it, according to a draft letter.