Detect corrupted files in the administrative and financial Wasit police command

2016-08-31 12:19

Wasit scales news

Detect Office of the Inspector General of the Interior Ministry in the province of Wasit, Wednesday, for Tehran on many files of administrative and financial corruption within the Police Department.

Dean's Office said in a statement received alshhamani on jurist/balance of news/copy, "receive job boards of inquiry was formed by officers and associate issues and financial and administrative corruption files and functional exploitation", adding that "a group of officers has been suspended and associates who committed these irregularities."

Alshhamani said, "it was auditing the accounts files for various purposes including payroll file which amount to 7 billion dinars in the County Police Headquarters accounts section containing embezzling associate salaries Wasit police accounts through a civil party in the case in cooperation with officers and investigative Council was formed and refer the person to the civil courts for equitable Scot plus an ongoing investigation snaffling position with officers and associates."

Alshhamani pointed to, that "the role of the Office of the Inspector General in Basra is control, inspection and hand believe that there are many administrative offences by police management and current through movements and Wasit penalties against officers and associates and it's against the law and the instructions issued by the Ministry of the Interior in particular administrative status".

He noted that he "got several transfers and change reached 6000 d se between an officer and an associate for no reason during the beginning of 2015."