Thus, the concerts tortured Tahir Yahya eventually Palace

Treasures Media - Follow - up after the successful coup of July 17, 1968, the team Tahir Yahya from his home in the Mansour district in Baghdad , was arrested at dawn on the coup when he was surrounded by a group of soldiers and armored surrendered his bodyguards

Yahya team and arrested by the commander of the beleaguered force and transferred to the Defense Ministry and then to a prison number one in the Al - Rasheed Camp in eastern Baghdad. But Baathists staged a "corrective" to the coup on 30 of the same month, ie 13 days after the coup,

And received the sentence after being kept away Naif and his group. Tahir Yahya was transferred to Guantanamo eventually Palace, and there were Baathists who received authority to hold hearings Entertainment detainees, Tahir Yahya did not deliver them, it was brought by linking around the waist belt looks like a dancer and asking him to dance,
Then Klvoh cleaning toilets increase in humiliation. Carrying too much patience and spent a long time in the end , the Palace, and his health worsened and increased his complaint from his eyes the disease until he almost loses his eyesight. Released Vaatkv Abrhaa not swallow and was monitoring it very
When compelled him to get out of necessity followed the car to where it goes and countless moves and housing, and visitors one of his friends or acquaintances , except some of his relatives. Taking his eyesight weakened until he died on 19 May 1986, and was buried in Tikrit. He attended the solace of thousands of citizens, including veterans of all leaders of political parties.