Turkish judge flees to Greece by boat migrants

According to Turkish media, on Wednesday, to judge Turkey managed to flee the country in a boat carrying refugees Syrian illegal immigrants heading to Greece.
According to the newspaper "Hurriyet" Turkish English - speaking, the Greek coastguard confirmed the arrival of the judge to Greece, on Tuesday, part of a boat included six of the Syrian refugees.
Offering Turkish judge , aged 50, he applied for asylum in Greece, but the Greek authorities said that he will appear before the public prosecutor on charges of illegal immigration.
The Greek authorities will be transferred Judge of the island of Chios to Athens, because he made ​​a formal request to grant him political asylum, according to a Greek newspaper quoted sources.
And the infiltration of seven Turks in the same way to Greece last Thursday, and have applied for political asylum on the grounds of political persecution after the failed coup attempt in Turkey mid - July of this year.