Seoul: Execution of the Minister of Education in North Korea

Seoul Wednesday that the Minister of Education in North Korea said have been executed, and two other officials of the North Korean regime may be both transferred to rehabilitation, to confirm this information about "" a new cleansing operation carried out by Pyongyang.
A spokesman for the Unification Ministry of South Korea 's Jeong John is, in a press conference, he said he was " the execution of the Minister of Education Kim Yong Jin , " which also serves as deputy prime minister.
He said a South Korean official else in the Unification Ministry who asked not to be named. Kim Young - jin accused of being the "instigator against the party and the revolution" had been executed by firing squad in July.
The Ministry of Unification in South Korea also that two North Korean officials have both transferred to rehab, two Kim Yong - chul , a senior official for inter - Korean affairs.
Since coming to power after his father in 2011, North Korean leader Kim Jong - un was executed or sacked a number of officials in the system, in a move likely to strengthen his grip on power.
The rumors have proliferated for clearing operations in the era of Kim Jong - un, most notably in December 2013 when his uncle Jang Sung-taek executed for treason and corruption.