Integrity check claim Jordanian institution Iraq to pay $ 53 million
[Where - Baghdad]
said the board integrity, Tuesday, it 's "investigative procedures on judicial claim filed by the Jordanian confidence Foundation against the Iraqi government."
The statement said the board received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, it would "continue and by the team 's investigative problem where investigative actions on the subject of reasoning that accompanied the resolution adopted by the beginning of the rights of Oman court judge to compel the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals jointly pay $ 53 million plus fees, charges and interest to the Jordanian confidence Foundation; because of the failure to take the necessary actions by the authorities concerned , which led to the issuance of this resolution, despite the non - eligibility of the institution to obtain the amount. "
He pointed out that" where some officials who have a relationship with the subject and listen to the call their words, have also been asked the previous audits of the Court of Federal financial Supervisory on the subject, the Commission and checked records and documents and correspondence on the subject of ongoing, and will conduct the investigation and issue the appropriate recommendation after the completion of some of the answers to questions investigative committee. "