Shares of banks and hotels up Iraq index

August 30, 2016 05:56 pm

Live: market general index rose Iraq stock exchange by the end of trading on Tuesday, with banks and hotels support, unlike his performance in Monday's session..

The General index rose 0.03 percent to close at 555.82 points, winning 0.14 point from levels a MES.

Cursor support on high 4 arrows centered in banks, hotels, and United Bank gainers by 4.76%, Middle East Bank increased 3.23 percent.

Most active stock sector included; where active bank issued stock Baghdad today in size and worth 169.3 million shares traded, worth approaching the 131 million dinars, the stock ended its stable.

And national levels of tourist hotels 1.67%, shares the Mosul Dam 1.55%.

Green missed the industry contributed to advancing industrial Crescent stock retreating by 3.57 percent.

Today's turnover fell to 595.65 million shares, compared to 895.06 million shares in the previous session, trading value dropped to 412.63 million dinars compared to 687.39 million dinars in Monday's session.