Transport Minister discuss with the Egyptian consul ways of activating the joint cooperation between the two countries

2016/8/30 18:09


Search Transport Minister Kazem Cup, on Tuesday, with the Egyptian consul in Baghdad, Ahmed Sharif in the presence of Inspector General of the Ministry of Caesar Ahmed and Justice Mohamed elephant new Egyptian Consul ways of activating the joint cooperation between the two countries.

A statement by the Ministry of Transport Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Tuesday that "a cup stressed today, we look forward to even greater cooperation between Iraq and Egypt's role in several areas, including maritime, air and land by activating cooperation and benefit from the expertise of the Egyptian and skills because we are in the process of the establishment of the Academy modern aviation in addition to the use of pilots, engineers and technicians in the airline industry, "noting the intention of the ministry to be Cairo, Baghdad line daily to facilitate the movement of passengers and encourages and stimulates the tourist traffic between the two brotherly peoples."

He cups his intention to visit the Arab Republic of Egypt and his meeting with the Minister of Transport and Aviation Egyptian to reflect that understanding through technical working groups discussed all of those things and get to a common framework of bilateral cooperation.