Barzani's Office adviser: Erbil and Baghdad had decided to create a mechanism to discuss the nature of the relationship


Barzani's Office said media adviser Mahmoud struggle, Tuesday, to Erbil and Baghdad had decided to find a mechanism for continuing discussions on the nature of the relations between Kurdistan and the Iraqi State, pointing out that good between the two sides is dialogue.

Mahmoud said in a press statement, "the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation led by nigrvan Barzani Baghdad is normal and natural and come in the context of numerous files on between Baghdad and Erbil foremost question release the connector and the recent agreement on Kirkuk's oil exports through Kurdistan tubes to the Turkish port of Ceyhan.

Mahmoud said that "a mechanism for both sides decided to continue discussions on the nature of the relations between Kurdistan and the Iraqi State," adding that "no choice between Baghdad and Arbil is dialogue and discuss until reaching the advanced formula relationship."

"There's no trouble if the will and the goodwill to solve, and that further dialogue and discussion spaces will reduce the difference."

It is said that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government led by nigrvan Barzani, arrived on Monday (August 29, 2016), to discuss the process of liberation of the city of Mosul and the relations between Baghdad and Arbil, where he met with Prime Minister Haider Abadi and agreed to hold technical discussions between the Federal Ministry of oil and mineral wealth Ministry in Kurdistan on the production and distribution of oil from fields in Kirkuk province showed Abadi his eagerness to continue consultations with the Government of Kurdistan to find solutions in the interests of the country and common interests in accordance with laws and the Constitution.