Basra decided to "sue" for non-financial award benefits from imports ports

2016/08/30 16:59

Long-Presse / Basra

Management decided Basra province, on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Finance for not giving 50% of the imports of border crossings ratios by provincial law, while confirming it Ststqta those amounts directly from ports in case of win the lawsuit.

The governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui during a press conference held in the office of the province of Basra and attended (range Press), said that the "financial crisis cell in the Office of the province has decided to file a lawsuit against the Ministry of Finance for the granting of Basra, 50% of the imports of the border crossing points."

He accused Nasraoui, the Ministry of Finance to "stall in the granting of Basra financial Asthakatgaha of border crossings, according to the provincial irregular Act province No. 21," adding that "if win the case against the Ministry of Finance was the financial grant that we will go to the provincial council, and we know the concerned authorities in ports border and Nguets amounts of imports of outlets by 50% either directly approved or not financial agree to do so. "

The province of Basra have outlets border being a city bordering the two states Priya port Safwan with Kuwait and Shalamcheh port with the Iranian side east of the province as there freely outlets are four commercial ports as well as the port of Basra Joey Airport