Tamimi: strive to allocate amounts within the budget to apply include Marsh at the heritage list.

2016/8/30 16:19

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

announced the Chairman of the Committee on agriculture, water and Marsh representative ULI Tamimi, sought its coordination with the Finance Committee to find transfers within balancing 2017 to implement bannout Marsh included agreement on the World Heritage list.

Tamimi stated in {Euphrates news} "count on water resources Minister Bharat as a professional man and technocrats, and specializes in the implementation of the Convention on the Marsh side insert marshes with UNESCO, noting that" Janabi excited to find a plan of action after inserting the marshes on the World Heritage list.

"The inclusion of the marshes is completed Iraq takes great effort at various levels, and Iraq's lack of commitment to standards within the list of possible decision by taking out websites listed.

"The Minister requested financial allocations within balancing 2017 to be able to continue in the Convention, especially after years of voting to incorporate the marshes will be reformatted unless the application of the provisions of the Convention, we are not counting on donors can find redeployment coordination of the Finance Committee of the abuse with this file.

Mentions that Iraq managed to combine ahwarh and archaeological areas on the World Heritage list UNESCO after authentication, in Istanbul.

The importance of including Iraq marshes lies within the World Heritage list by not allowing any State source of water to cut or reduce water quotas affecting marshes, and will not allow any Iraqi Government marshes under any excuse.

As he would not allow any {international} military conflicts as the wars in the marshes, and won't allow any influx of living there, as well as protect endangered birds re their reproduction by providing a stable water environment, increased biodiversity where bird species and fisheries harvest does not exist in the world, and create jobs for local residents in the development area, the delivery of education services and energy for the region and the economic advantage of the investment process, and contribute to Increasing numbers of foreign tourists over