A fire broke out in the six fuel tanks in Arbil

2016/8/30 15:59


A fire broke out tremendously on Tuesday, a number of fuel tanks near the city of Arbil, while the civil defense team arrived at the scene of the fire.

Said Sheikh Abdul Qadir enough civil defense official in Arbil room in a press statement that "a wildfire erupted for six fuel tanks on the road Quchtbh - Dobakr near the city of Arbil," noting that "civil defense team arrived at the scene of the fire."

He said Abdul Qader said, "According to preliminary information, the reservoirs were full of gasoline, oil and gas, and did not know the cause of the fire these reservoirs so far."

He said the owner of a company fuel the fire place "The fire broke out after twelve o'clock to 6 tanks of fuel, mostly filled with gasoline UAE, pointing to each tank contained the 300 up to 400 thousand liters of gasoline."