Planning with u.s. Ambassador of international support for the reconstruction of the liberated areas


The planning Minister Salman jumaili, Tuesday, with the U.S. Ambassador in Iraq, Stuart Jones nature of bilateral relations between the two countries in all fields, especially in the economic aspect and the restoration of stability and reconstruction of liberated areas and accelerate the return of displaced persons.

The Ministry statement said "the economy news received a copy of it today," Planning Minister and us Ambassador collection to mark the end of its tasks in Iraq, where the file was discussed reconstruction of the liberated areas and the role of the United States and the international community at large in support of Iraq to help restore stability to those areas through grants.

Jumaily pointed statement that "international aid obtained recently Iraq represent a supportive international stance of the Iraqi Government to enable it to restore stability to the liberated areas," adding that "such assistance, which amounted to nearly two billion dollars looks good but we still need more international support, which is part of the international community's commitment towards Iraq where terrorism on behalf of the whole world."

Us Ambassador Stuart Jones to "work seriously to help Iraq overcome its crisis and financial security as well as to mobilize more international support for international assistance to rebuild the devastated areas due to terrorist acts."